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Like Na Mean, you get wat im saying.
i aint got to lie to kick it, ya digg?
do you undestand what I'm saying?
I bout to beat dis gurls ass if she looks over here again ya digg!
by cambry September 23, 2006
do u understand what I am saying, do u feel me.
Jamal- I went to the movies with Sandra last night, ya digg?

Tyrone- I feel you man.
by J-Dawg Williams September 22, 2007
black person way to say "do you agree/understand/feel me
bob: she ain't got no cakes
donnell: ur hecka trippin guy she got uber cakes YADIGGGGG!
by cheeasasorus October 03, 2008
Is also used as slang for cocaine.
nigel does too much of that ya digg
by itsmeagain March 23, 2008
a gay ass word guidos use to try and sound cool
("ya digg" may also be used with words like italian bella,
playboii, and other abbreviations guidos/guidettes for their names to make a 'signature')
"my boys and my girls xo call me p|ayb0ii (ya digg*)"
by Pale and PROUD November 18, 2006
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