Xor, also known as exclusive or, operation used in binary. It is commonly used in Assembly and C.
xor %11011011 = %01110001, where { ( 1 and 0 = 1 ) ( 0 and 0 = 0 ) ( 1 and 1 = 0 ). Xor is similar to Or expect of two factors: (1) Xor changes the bit to 0 if both bits are 1 (2) Xor can be undone where Or cannot.
ld a,%10101011
xor %11111111
;a = %01010100

int a
a = %10101011
xor %11111111
;a= %01010100
by Name what name May 11, 2006
Top Definition
Exlusive "or". Meaning one or the other, but not both. In English, "or" is often meaning xor, and the computer "or" (meaning one or the other or both) is and/or.

"xor" is used in most computer syntax.
1: Chineese XOR Pizza
2: if (x==1 xor y==1) then ...
(meaning If x equals 1 or y equals 1 but not both, then ...
by Jerr May 11, 2004
Conjunction meaning either the thing preceding it or the thing following it, but not both.
I'll order a pizza xor Chinese.
by null set July 29, 2003
Modified suffix denoting elite(1337)ness

Origin: hacker -> h4x0r

Variations: zor, xor, x0r

Plural: xorz
fux0r pwnt u
by erilaz January 04, 2005
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