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Exlusive "or". Meaning one or the other, but not both. In English, "or" is often meaning xor, and the computer "or" (meaning one or the other or both) is and/or.

"xor" is used in most computer syntax.
1: Chineese XOR Pizza
2: if (x==1 xor y==1) then ...
(meaning If x equals 1 or y equals 1 but not both, then ...
by Jerr May 11, 2004
A phrase commonly used in polls. If you see "What the hell is this?" as a poll option, it would usually have a lot of votes.

Also means "What is this?," but funnier.
What do you think about this site?
Ummmm, not bad
Best one
What the hell is this?
by Jerr November 12, 2004

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