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A man defined by his abnormally large penis, his incredible sense of humor, and a moderate to very smart intellect. Most often added to a person's first name.
Wow! That guy looks like such a xie!!!
by JigaJigacallagrlbo September 24, 2007
151 25
(v.) to screw a girl using your nose instead of a penis for sexual arousal.
Last nite i Xie'd my girlfriend. She screamed so loud the neighbors called the cops!
by Laura101 August 15, 2006
38 93
a way of speaking, where you add the word fag or bitch to every sentence, and you need to have the word fuck or fuckin' in the middle somewhere.
you're stupid.

you wanna xie up that sentence?

you're fuckin stupid, fag.
by HaPPyY March 20, 2007
14 83
A very homosexual, ugly person with an extremely small penis.
That Kevin guy is such a Xie!
by Amber from Lisgar March 20, 2007
21 93