Term used to describe someone who gives away information about someone. An informer or snitch. This person is generally a bit of a loser, is incredibly boring and ugly, has a ginger beard, receding hairline and smells of poo.
That guy is such a Xander! He told everyone about the time I was having a bit of innocent fun in the hot tub and deliberately exaggerated the situation in order to try and get me in trouble.
by Drunkard October 20, 2006
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Xander is the kind that has a lot of emotion. Xander is kind and sweet to the people he loves. Xander is in touch with things that seem to be hidden to other people. He's most admired for bravery and emotional strength. Xander has hidden powers that no one can come to understand.
To be a Xander is to be unique.
by Kayla H. April 12, 2005
To be a professional sexy-man, characterized by public displays of attractiveness, swoonings of women behind the "xanderer," and the like.
Women can also xander, only swoonings of men would be characteristic of the she-xanderer.

Frederick was xandering for hours last night, didn't you see all those Colleens behind him?

Frederick was xandering for hours last night, didn't you see all those Colleens behind him?

Nathaniel and Xander were planning to xander with Laura next week. It was going to be an attractive night.
by Xander M January 19, 2009
A man of Extreme sexual prowess, who gets everyone woman in the world begging to be with him. Also A super awesome and nice person, who is devoted to all he loves
Girl: Wow!, that guy looks so hot!
Friend: Yeah he is such a Xander!
by koalabearsareawshum September 11, 2012
A Russian Bear.
Xander is from Russia and has the characteristics of a bear.
by youwillneverknowbutmaybe June 20, 2010
Short for Alexander, Xander is a name that comes from the latin word megacockis. A Xander's penis ranges from 7 inches to 9 inches long. Most people don't know that a Xander is secretly a wizard.
"Have you seen that guys penis?"

"No, why?"

"He must be a Xander, its at least 7.5 inches long!"
by CircleJerk1224 May 11, 2013
an alternative to the name alexander that is used when therre are too many people whos name is alex.
alex b.: hey alex s.
alex s.: hey alex b.
alex b.: hey alex B.
alex s.:hey alex q.
alex q.: dont call me alex anymore call me xander.
by stardestroyer96 October 13, 2009
A person who says ding a ling and penis frequently. A Xander is usually small in stature and is not liked by many. Girls find him "baby cute" because of his fat cheeks and unusually small penis.
"That kid looks like a baby"
"Yeah he's a Xander"
"I slept with that kid, he has a tiny dick"
"So he's a Xander?"

by Nyancat23 February 12, 2014

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