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an alternative to the name alexander that is used when therre are too many people whos name is alex.
alex b.: hey alex s.
alex s.: hey alex b.
alex b.: hey alex B.
alex s.:hey alex q.
alex q.: dont call me alex anymore call me xander.
by stardestroyer96 October 13, 2009
this is the stupidists time ever. everyone thinks they will die but there just fuckin stupid and will believe anything. there has beeen more than one occurance where stupid people will think we will die so why does this time make a difference. fuckin assholes!
2012 is retarded but i like dissin it.
by stardestroyer96 October 12, 2009
look at those KFC's
by stardestroyer96 October 18, 2009
x-xtreme, b-badass, o-orb spy inside, x-xtremeley awsome when taken out
look inside there is an xbox
by stardestroyer96 October 20, 2009

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