A condition in which your mouth tastes exactly the same as an asshole.
Whoa! Don't kiss me... I've got a nasty case of the xactlies today!
by MatlockJB May 31, 2005
Top Definition
It means exactly.. without the e! A far cooler way of saying it.

When speaking it aloud, it's pronounced "zack-lee"
Mark: And that is why he's a faggot.
Bill: Xactly.
by Kempo October 30, 2007
When your breath smells exactly like your butt.
You have the Xactlies this morning and you need to brush your teeth.
by Les Pure March 07, 2010
Take the egg out---the lazy, slang, text version of exactly.

Can be used as a term of agreement, exasperation, sarcasm plus other things I don't care to type.
"This food is delicious! Glad I let you choose the restaurant."

"Man that guy sure was a numpty, xactly like you said."

MAN "I'm going out to run some errands, hon."
WIFE "How long will that take xactly, you have to drive the kids to (insert event here)."
by Eyewrotethis January 12, 2012
Basically, it's means the same as "exactly", but it's actually way more expressive. Leave out the 'E' and suddenly it sounds more powerful!
Have you noticed Sky TV's zillion channels are just full of shite TV? Xactly!
by Jennicam December 30, 2008
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