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A state of being extremly excited and you have nothing else to say. One can just say xOMGx to simply explain how excited one is. (ex-oh my god-ex)
Anita: did you see hardcore guy over there?
Jillian: i wonder if he is looking at me...
Anita: dude i think he totally might be!
Jillian: xOMGx!
Francesca: i love anita and jillian~~!!!! (?)
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way of expressing ones extreme excitement to the point that non-real words come out, pronounced either "ex-oh-my-god-ex" or "ex-oh-em-gee-ex".
Anita: Is that Emo Kid?
Jillian: What where?
Francesca: RIGHT THERE!
All 3: xOMGx!!!
by triforce. March 31, 2005
State of excitment, your overwhelmed and emotions are just taking control. Your amazed, its a feeling you've never seen before. Can be used as an ADJ, ADV, or a NOUN
Fran: Gosh, DiP, your the shit!
DiP: I know baby, I know!
Fran: I want you!
DiP: I know baby, I know!
(3 seconds later)
DiP: What do u think of this?
Fran: xOMGx It can get that big?
DiP: I know baby, I know! I'm brown
by DePaul April 10, 2005

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