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X-Day (the SubGenius rapture), voted Time Magazine's 'Scam of the Century', was supposed to have swept the SubGenii from the earth on July 5th, 1998. This was a faith-shattering event for many x-ists, who were not loaded into the pleasure-ships filled with sex-goddesses. Though it hasn't stopped the SubGenii from gathering every subsequent 5th of July devivals, in hopes that they may have been off by a few years.
I hope that there's a lot of bug-porn on those pleasure ships, come x-day.
by SuBsTaNc3 May 29, 2004
Originally July 5, 1998, but turned out to be 8661 instead.
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
A two volume Japanese comic book about four people and their plot to blow up a highschool. See manga.
Did you think the second volume of x-day was a letdown?
by Abby February 02, 2005
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