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Traditional holiday for those who work the 4th of July. Usually involves vast amounts of alcohol, loud music, fireworks, and time well spent with those with who you work with. Often is the drunkest and best day of the summer.
After working on the 4th of July, they decided to celebrate the 5th of July instead.

The 5th of July is the best day ever!

Everyone got trashed this 5th of July
by Remmy and AJ October 02, 2005
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The day when you walk down the street and see things such as sticks from bottle rockets, and remnants of Roman candles scattered in lawns and in gutters, and the occasional "banana peeled" mailbox that got that way because some asshaberdasher shoved a lighted M80 or M500 illegal firecracker into it the night before.
Hey Jimbo, check out that demolished mailbox!
Must be the 5th of July or something!
by Telephony July 03, 2014

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