WWE = Triple H as champ. Don't even bother watching
I haven't watched this crap in over a year and Triple H is still champ..
by Dan Garcia March 11, 2005
1. A comedic play on the sport of wrestling.
2. A soap opera for men (with even shittier actors).
3. The only sport in history to have been raped by tree-hugging hippies. See WWF.
Adam - "Hey man, did you hear that another WWE 'wrestler' died?"
Dave - "Oh man, what happened?
Adam - "He realized that he and everything in his life is a joke and a sham, so he did himself in!"
Dave - "Oh, SNAP!"
by R2D2's Satanic Brother January 23, 2006
The original in sports-entertainment. Formally known as World Wrestling Federation until the pandas(World Wildlife Fund) sued them all because of the websites domain. Stars from the WWF/E include Bruno Samartino, "The Game" Triple H, "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "The Immortal" Hollywood Hulk Hogan, "The Eight Wonder of the World" Andre The Giant, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, "The People's Champion" The Rock, The Undertaker, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Mankind, "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton and "The Docta of Thuganomics" John Cena.
WWF(Wrestling) > WWE > You > Pandas
by Mike March 30, 2005
The biggest wrestling organization in the world. Used to be known as the WWF but the tree-hugging hippies made Vince and company change the name. Lately the shows have really gone down hill and will most likely never get back to what they were in the height of the "attitude" era of 1998-2001.
Man, the WWE really sucks these days.
by X Box Killer February 24, 2005
Wrestling Was Entertaining - A professional wrestling federation run by Vince McMahon that got the F out and now caters to a preschool audience with generic characters, predictable scripts and fart jokes. Wrestlers...I mean "sports entertainers" used to look badass, now they look like those guys that model underwear in newspaper adverts, or male cheerleaders (seriously that was an actual gimmick a few years back...). But at least they have a good "workrate" and some can do flips.
WWF was a lot better than WWE.
by MrMasters December 06, 2012
A professional wrestling organization where John Cena is the poster boy.
"Welcome back live to WWE Raw, oh wait CENA WINS LOL"
by FreekyFreezer July 21, 2014
World Wrestling Entertainment. The Largest Pro Wrestling Company in the World featuring incredible athletes, storylines, and drama. Wrestlers in this company put their bodies on the line 365 Days a year to entertain their fans. They also support countless charities including The Make a Wish Foundation. WWE also holds a Tribute to the Troops show every year. Show some respect.
Hater: Why you such a loser, WWE ain't no sport!
Wrestling Fan: Yes, it is indeed a sport. It clearly states in the dictionary that a Sport is an physical activity engaged in for pleasure. Wrasslin' fits that definition perfectly.
by BMAC4395 July 06, 2011

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