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the best place in the world
i love mexico
mexico rules
lets go down to mexico
by 20grand October 26, 2007
The image created when the pant's crotch area makes a saggy lump making a boner-y image
Girl 1: OMG That guy has a total boner for me!
Girl 2: LOL Really!?
Boy: -Adjustes pants-
Girl 1: Never mind, it was just a pant boner
by 20grand October 26, 2007
The "red" brand. Less dominant show to Smackdown!.
Guy 1: "I saw Smackdown last night!!"
Guy 2: "I saw Raw last Monday =("
Guy 1: "sux for u..."
by 20grand October 19, 2007
the words asian says cause dey cants say nigguh
asian guy: nikkuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
black guy: ima opp u cuh
by 20grand October 19, 2007
the word chinese people or asian in general say before they sumo wrestle
sumo wrestlers ready?
*in a fat tone* yes
by 20grand November 02, 2007
Best kind of people on the face of this earth

Mexicans are the best

Omg did that Mexican just get to be President?

Holy crap that Mexican beat up that asian guy
by 20grand October 26, 2007
a sport in which the PAIN is real the REPRUCUSSIONS are real and the TRAINING is real. if you wana call the script fake i dont give a fuck
wwe is off tha chang
by 20grand November 02, 2007
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