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Wuwu is short for "What up What up", its a common greeting. It has nothing to do with butt fucking africa tribes or a sentance "filler". You're both stupid.
Wuwu kimberly!
Drop a wuwu on that gorto.
Wuwu kims.
by Zone Seek September 12, 2006
Excessively new-agey, interested in astrology, non-scientific. Religious or mystically inclined. Sometimes abbreviated simply as "wu."
"Oh my god, Tarot cards are totally wu wu!" -- Lieva, physics major.
by queermonkey June 30, 2007
the sound of crying of a girl. Usually in email or chats.
Male : Why are you not taking your lunch today? You sleep with the dog today!

Female : Wuwuwu.... wuwu... Sorry dear I will not do that anymore... Wuwu..... :'(
by MiguelAltrax September 23, 2011
What's Up With You
Person "A" says: Sup?
Person "B" says: NTM... WUWU


Person "A" says: What is up?
Person "B" says: Nothing much, What's up with you
by USAFKKING July 24, 2009
The "what's up with us?" conversation. Usually occurs after a period of dating/hooking-up when one party seeks clarification on the relationship status (i.e. exclusivity, gf/bf, etc.)
"So you've been making out with him for three months and you haven't had the wuwu yet?"
by BL9 December 29, 2006
word used in a sentence so the person speaking won't have to say all the details
yeah, they were arguing and wuwu, then ol'girl fucked her up
by gizmo November 26, 2003
once there was an explorer traveling through the jungle and he was captured by the jungle's native peoples the tribe chief told the explorer that he could either choose death or wuwu the explorer, not wanting to die, took the mysterious wuwu and was anally penetrated by all of the 20 male members of the tribe for 3 hours straight after the session the chief gave the explorer the same option, and again he chose wuwu after this three hour session the explorer told the chief he couldnt take any more wuwu and that he would choose death the tribal chief proclaimed, "let death by wuwu begin!!!!"
white girls say that kobe gives the greatest wuwu ever
by n-sanity July 06, 2004
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