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Abbreviation for, "What You Want." Sometimes used in Diablo2
Hackers: wuw...
x-phiverx: Can i have ur skulders? for my enigma?
Hackers: go away noob! lolzorz look at this noob everyone, he wanted to trade me his enigma for my skulders..........OH SHIT!!!!!!did i call you a noob? i meant ... wanna come to my birthdaY?
by Thomas Lee August 08, 2005
When you experience a 'wtf' and a 'lol' moment at the same time. When your not sure if you should laugh or be worried.
'i woke up last night with a wet patch on my bed'

Jane didnt know whether to laugh at that or walk away scared. She had a wuw moment
by Boncey December 08, 2009
wut are u wearin at the time
hey katie wuw tonight?
by Beatty September 19, 2003