some say it means 1 but i say its means a fine pimp male dude boi that dont play aloso young wun whos fine as hell asl ong as he dont open his mouth like j kwon
that wun lil g is a dyme
Top Definition
to say bye meanin wun luv
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
bye; see you lata
I'll holla later wun (1)!
by DIRTY SOUTH DYME May 10, 2003
WUN is the urban term for peace out
You Cody I'll cya after school WUN man
by Anthony John May 28, 2007
To walk & run. Particularly applicable to newcomers to physical activities who are unable to run for any length of time. "Wunning" is the act of walking with the occasional burst of running for a few seconds, or minutes at best.
I'm going out for a wun, let's hope I survive!
by Diana & Vero March 22, 2012
one love
im out bredrin -wun
by Jelaine January 22, 2003
A different way of saying want. 1337 speak.
"Hai U wun Goat?"

"Yes prz I wun"
by Alaron September 05, 2008
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