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A person that is normal to the point of being bland. No style, works a 9-5 job, does not express their individuality. These people can be found in Starbucks, often wearing neutral color clothes, perhaps from the GAP, while sipping a latte and discussing last nights t.v. shows as if the characters were their friends. In group settings it can be difficult to tell them apart. Beige people often never stray from their path or pack. These people commonly experience more eccentric life through others.
Rob pondered as to why Argon said he was beige as he surfed Ebay for auctions to get the complete "Burning Man" experience.
by Kombo July 28, 2011
1) The constant state of winning.
2) To one up Charlie Sheen.
1) Five, four, three, two... Wunning!
2) Man, Mayor Moon was wunning all over the place during the campaign rally.
by Kombo July 29, 2011
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