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Verb- The combination of Hugging, cuddling, and wiggling. Usually with the "Wuggler" on top of the "Wugglee" face burrowed into his/her neck.
Syl wuggled Jase for hours on end while Jase simply layed there and smiled.
by AzaelNite December 21, 2006
You put your arm round someone, and do a huuuuuuuuge body shake, whilst shaking their shoulders like a maniac and then they laugh at you like a maniac.

Created by the glorious Siobhan Sanford to prevent girl-on-girl violations, but can also be used in boy/ girl situations.
"Gab, do you know what a wuggle is?"
" It is a snuggle with kisses, is it not?"
"No, you are a fool."

"He wuggled me so hard that I fell off the bed."
by Superviolence November 04, 2009
A wuggle or wuggling is a combinaton of hugging cuddling kissing and snuggling.
At bedtime this is what parents and children do while reading bedtimes stories; showing love and affection. A child might say 'Mommy I want to wuggle" which means the child needs some cozy attention
by rodeodream August 21, 2011
A combination of a hug, snuggle and a cuddle
Luis: Come here so i can give you some wuggles!
Cute Girl: Awww yay
by TheFishyWuggles March 21, 2014
Wholly unnecessary gore generates lively euphoric status.
That show just gave me the wuggles. I'm gonna need to sit down for a while...
by Gorefunkel.tumblr July 31, 2011
The word for all the people that don't smoke weed. Similar to muggle from the Harry Potter books, but relates to weed.
Those wuggles are ok, just don't do anything magic around them
by zomfgyeah January 21, 2011
The term wuggles comes from a long family of misspelled words. It is spawned from inbreeding among a small number of words. Primarily utilized by the uber 1337

It means that you huggle someone with lots of wub.
* mac97|TWL wuggles Jeniva
by TheTerminator97 February 23, 2005