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Another word for a vagina, commonly used in chatrooms to provide laughter among friends and confusion among the administrators.

Also see Fadoodle
Me: I just made the name Wubbie! XD

Bob: Lol does that one admin know what it means?

Me: Nooope, he's clueless, now I just gotta keep it secret

Bob: Lol you're so busted

Me: You should be Fadoodle, then we can be best friends :D

Bob: Lol ok, but if we get caught then we're dead -.-
by PopTart3171996 November 18, 2011
The combination of a military issue poncho and it's corresponding liner. When attached, these items form a very snuggly means of staying warm in otherwise intolerable conditions. Often mispronounced "wooby" (like, booby). Though extremely comfortable, this is not a suitable substitute for MSS or Gore-Tex.
Major: Do you have something warm to sleep in?
Cadet: Sir, I will be perfectly comfortable in the -30oF weather and freezing rain because I have my wubbie. Now, excuse me while I proceed to freeze my nuts off.
by shopperqueen022 November 03, 2011
another name for your dog.
"Come here my little wubbie bubbie"!
by Cory The Pimp January 11, 2006
1.) Andy Milanokis's dog.
2.) Any cocker spaniel that can fly and breathe fire.
Have you taken your Wubbie out for a walk yet?
by Deacon Brandt November 04, 2006
The act of a woman pressing someone else's face to her breasts and jiggling; may be used for either pleasurable or intimidating (suffocating) effect.
I went to the RenFaire and got wubbied by some scary wench in peasant garb.
by jlm100 June 20, 2009
Another name for a vagina.
"My wubbie is itchy!"
"Well you better strike a pose and scratch it!"
by md2811 August 19, 2009
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