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A particularly high quality song from the Wu-Tang Clan.
My homey: "Yo, Protect Ya Neck is dope."

Me: "Word. It be a straight wu banger."
by sanfud n sun April 16, 2006
A blunt with weed and crushed up crack in it.
Your custy ass mother smoked a wu banger wit your lil brother.
by Monoxide July 19, 2003
A blunt, or joint of marijuana mixed with cocaine.
Yo kid I killed a fat wubanger to my dome peice
by Slide Kardell June 03, 2004
A Fat-Ass Blunt rolled with The Chronic (Marijuana laced with Cocaine).
"God Damn I'm drunk as Hell, let's smoke a Wu-Banger I gotta drive home"
by Ibble May 12, 2005
An especially ill track by the Wu-Tang Clan or by one of it's members.
"Y'all be nice to the crackheads, everybody listen up
I shot one of my bitches, the hoe ain't trick enough
Word life to big screen Don, tapping dustbones out
With starwriters like I fucked Celine Dion
Stuck everything that's the god's honest beyond
We airin' niggas out that's the type shit that we on
Official Wu-Tang headbanger
Flood your space with big waves like you didn't set an anchor"
- Ghostface declares 9 Milli Bros off his album Fishscale an official wu-banger
by John Blaze. April 15, 2009