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Japanese For "Number One" (Ichi Meaning One, and Ban Meaning Number).
"What? You Say Hulk Hogan Can't Wrestle? You Should See Him Wrestle In Japan, He Was Great, The Natives Even Called Him Ichiban"
by Ibble March 09, 2005
A Fat-Ass Blunt rolled with The Chronic (Marijuana laced with Cocaine).
"God Damn I'm drunk as Hell, let's smoke a Wu-Banger I gotta drive home"
by Ibble May 12, 2005
A Lord In Feudal Japan.
"In Feudal Japan You Were Spit Upon Unless You Were a Daimyo or A Samurai
by Ibble March 09, 2005
Literally Meaning, "Sword That Cuts Through Torsos", In Japanese. The Dotanuki Was The Katana Carried By The Kaishakunin. It's Slightly Longer Then A Normal Katana and Is Weighted On The Curved Side, Making It Much Heavier Too. Because Of The Weight The Kaishakunin Was Able To Perform Kaishaku Usually In One Cut, Making For A More Humane Death.
"The Dotanuki Is The Ideal Weapon For Bisecting Politicians."
by Ibble March 09, 2005
What Managers Do In The Retail Business, When Someone Pages a Person Via The Intercom To Dial Them At a Certain Number, Then The Paged Person Pages The Pager With A Certain Number. Happens When You Can't Hear The Phone Extention to Dial, It Usually Goes on for like Five Minutes Until An Outside Party Who Actually Heard The Extention Number Tells One Of The Pagers. Pretty Annoying if You Have To Hear It 8:30 am on a Monday.
Manager One: "Manager 2 Dial 362"
A Minute Goes By
Manager Two: "Manager 1 Call 206"
30 Seconds Pass
Manager One: "Manager 2 Dial Extention 362"
Goes On For Another Five Minutes
by Ibble February 27, 2005
A Fight Between Rival Yakuza Gangs. In The Edo Period, Yakuza Were A Common Part Of The Landscape, Running Houses Of Gambling and Prostitution. As Long As They Did Not Overstep Their Bounds, They Were Tolerated By The Autorities, A Tradition Little Changed In Modern Japan.
"I Saw The Jizo Gang Heading Towards The Center Of Town, They Looked Serious, I Guess There's A Deiri Gonna Go Down."
by Ibble March 09, 2005
A Foot Soldier In The Employ Of A Daimyo. Lowest Of The Samurai Ranks.
"How Come I Always Have To Fight Up Front? It's Like I'm An Ashigaru!"
by Ibble March 09, 2005
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