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Abbreviated version of "Wake The Fuck Up". Used in chat rooms of any kind when a person is AFK and somebody wants to talk to them. See also STFU
<Homestar>I'm going afk, TTYL
<Strong_bad> Hey i wasnt done talking to you! WTFU!
by FinalPhoenix September 23, 2003
34 21
Abbreviation, short hand text for "Wake The F*ck Up".

i.e: Get a clue, pay attention, be alert, be conscious, think.
1. Please WTFU, he doesn't like you!
2. Dear world, please WTFU!
3. I wish this girl would WTFU and stop behaving like an idiot.
by CandyAcidReign September 24, 2011
7 4
An acronym that stands for "Well thats fucked up." Used when "WTF" is just not enough.
Guy 1: "Dude I gave my GF head last night while she had a blue waffle!"

Guy 2 *makes face*: WTFU!
by anonymalous August 04, 2011
13 12
Abbreviation for Woman The Fuck Up.

To muster intestinal fortitude to carry out an otherwise difficult or challenging task.
I didn't want to go work out, but I had to WTFU and get off my ass.
by peejaymc January 04, 2012
1 3
Acronym for "warm the fuck up". Usually said by people who dislike the cold weather and would like to see a warm change.
Bobby: man I wish it WTFU.

Devon: quit bitching bro, it's winter time.
by naydanger89 December 06, 2010
3 11
2nd definition to the word

"what the fucks up?"
yo, wtfu?
by shandanbanboobiley August 16, 2009
6 24