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with regards to
I'd like to speak to you, WRT the document you sent me.
by Dennis April 29, 2003
Shorthand for "With Respect To."

Frequently used in technical IRC and Usenet discussions, the acronym resolves ambiguity in complicated and/or lengthy discussions.

When it is not immediately apparent to which conversation or to whom a comment is directed, "wrt" is used.

JohnQ Public: "I am looking to buy a new HDTV and I would like to know the best display technology."
SoAndSo: "JohnQ Public, That is a difficult question to answer; budget wise, however, CRT and LCD HDTVs are a clear winner."
RandomPeople: "... <unrelated conversation> ..."
SoAndSo: "CRT or DLP wrt HDTV contrast ratio."
by Andon September 08, 2006
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