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2 definitions by Andon

Shorthand for "With Respect To."

Frequently used in technical IRC and Usenet discussions, the acronym resolves ambiguity in complicated and/or lengthy discussions.

When it is not immediately apparent to which conversation or to whom a comment is directed, "wrt" is used.

JohnQ Public: "I am looking to buy a new HDTV and I would like to know the best display technology."
SoAndSo: "JohnQ Public, That is a difficult question to answer; budget wise, however, CRT and LCD HDTVs are a clear winner."
RandomPeople: "... <unrelated conversation> ..."
SoAndSo: "CRT or DLP wrt HDTV contrast ratio."
by Andon September 08, 2006
49 25
Derogatory slang for a cheap -- often unreliable and/or unsupported -- immitation product.
"... that's what you get for using a cheese-whiz surge protector."
by Andon September 08, 2006
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