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V. 1. To have hobbled someone with a knife
2. To have farted in a Ford ranger with a standarded cab with the heat on.
3. To do something either extremely awesome or totally underwhelming for your charater
4. To be used in place of any other verb
1. Yo, last night, I was playing "Dead Rising" and all I had was the Hunting knife so I had to wronked my way through the crowd of zombies.
2. Dude did you just Wronked, my windows are broke, prick.
3. Hey man when you jumped of that roof, it was totally Wronked.
4. You Wronked man you, why don't you just wronked on down to go fuck yourself store, and well, GO FUCK YOURSELF.
by Jon "working class" Mehrhoff January 01, 2007
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