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To make a mistake. To commit an error, esp when Instant Messaging. Source: M. Corzo, Nalgita Cubana Daily
I think I hit a wronk key
by MannyLicious January 11, 2010
the absolut medium of wrong and rank.
A nastiness of epic smell.
Dude i went dowm on that chick last night and she was "wronk".

Man that fart was just "wronk"!!
by LT_Ruff September 25, 2007
Adj. past: wronked. Both the act of squeezing someone's man boob and the noise one makes when squeezing it.

Must be rather largish man boobs.
ie: adj. I totally wronked Phillip's man boob.

noun. As I reached out to squeeze his man boob, I yelled, "wronk!"
by The Wronker August 25, 2012