the absolut medium of wrong and rank.
A nastiness of epic smell.
Dude i went dowm on that chick last night and she was "wronk".

Man that fart was just "wronk"!!
by LT_Ruff September 25, 2007
Top Definition
To make a mistake. To commit an error, esp when Instant Messaging. Source: M. Corzo, Nalgita Cubana Daily
I think I hit a wronk key
by MannyLicious January 11, 2010
Adj. past: wronked. Both the act of squeezing someone's man boob and the noise one makes when squeezing it.

Must be rather largish man boobs.
ie: adj. I totally wronked Phillip's man boob.

noun. As I reached out to squeeze his man boob, I yelled, "wronk!"
by The Wronker August 25, 2012
(Adj.) When something is lame or wack.

Word est. by Emily H. 2015
"This food is wronk!"
"That chick is wronk!"
by emmyh January 05, 2016
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