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1)Russin slang term for "god".

2)Term for a person who gives great sex.
"I slave for my wren"

"Was it good?"
"O god he was a wren"
by yourgod June 19, 2003
A girl, usually with brown hair, that has a happy-go-lucky look on life. Shes pretty book smart, but sure knows how to party. With a good smile, she is the type that makes her best guy friend fall in love with her. And every guy that she knows, will at least once have a thing for her.
girl: "hey, how are you and Wren doing? Cuz I see you ;) "
guy: "yeah, haha, shes my Wren... don't tell anyone, but I think I like her :/ "
by ShayleeVeronicaPage April 12, 2011
Wren, the text version of the sound effect in a horror movie created by violins when a knife attacker creeps up on someone in the shower e.g. Psycho
Wren! wren! wren! wren! Der derrrr, der derrrr, derrrrr
by Cleany May 14, 2004
Something sailors in the Royal Navy have sex with, if they're too lazy to wank
I woke up with a Wren this morning, she looked like meatloaf. Ug.
by lajopi 292 August 09, 2007
Skinhead girl, variation on the term "bird."
The skinhead talked only with his wren paying attention to no other girls. By her short hair and boots she was identified as a wren.
by Rev. Gonad September 22, 2003
n, what happens to a female after they join the navy, due to the size of their ass' and the quantity of semen they consume anually.
Wrens are like ships because they are fat, slow and contain seamen.
by Jack June 30, 2003
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