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The sound effect of an insect, its "voice" when audible in a high pitch threatening tone
A stag beetle:

by Cleany May 14, 2004
A heavily armoured insect with enourmous pincers that can snap small trees in half, e.g. the Stag Beetle, known for its beautiful and incredibly strong pincers which on the male is use to battle other males for a mate

Tick! tick! tick! Crunch!! Skreeeeeee!!
by Cleany May 14, 2004
Wren, the text version of the sound effect in a horror movie created by violins when a knife attacker creeps up on someone in the shower e.g. Psycho
Wren! wren! wren! wren! Der derrrr, der derrrr, derrrrr
by Cleany May 14, 2004
Funny phrase used in warcraft after a building is completed by the human worker
Jobs Done!
by Cleany May 14, 2004
A beetle with the most amazing and powerful pincers ever seen on an insect, capable of breaking fingers, they are armoured, shiny, black and if you mess with them you will end up pinchy meat.

Also known as a Pinchy Skree
by Cleany May 14, 2004
The cuban version of the word "Man"
In GTA Vice City, the mission for the cubans in the boat, the guy with Tommy says: You the main! main!, main!! You got some BIIIIIG cojones!! (You are the main man, man)
by Cleany May 14, 2004

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