to get merced or beaten up.
we were on the corner tryina get wrapped
by mdot112233 March 15, 2008
bling in the form of gems/minerals wrapped in silver gold or platinum wire.
ex)who made your wrap? that flow is sick. and peep that tourmaline. damn dude.
by mulberrys December 17, 2007
verb. To cover, envelop, or encase, as by folding or coiling something about.
hey, do u want me to wrap up that blunt?
damn, you wrapped a fat blunt.
by bobbyc3 March 28, 2008
(also spelled raps) Australian and New Zealand slang for enthusiastic approval or praise, often used in a sporting context.
Coach Sheens has big wraps on the young halfback.
by null_device April 27, 2009
hemp necklace, bracelet or anklet.
check out that heady wrap emilyanne made ... the amber gems are beautiful!
by gypsyrose December 03, 2013
1. To sucessfully complete a video game without using cheats or hacks of any kind - natural skill only.

2. Same as 1 - but it must be done in one sitting without using "saved games" or "continues" found in some video games.

"Wrap it up" so to speak.
ME: "Hey joe, you wanna play Super Mario?"
JOE: "Fu*k yeah, bro! lets wrap that sh*t!!"
ME: "For shizzle, homie!"
JOE: "Werd..."
ME: " yer Mutha"
JOE: "Hey, leave my muthor outta this!"
ME: "Sorry dude, but she is smokin' hot!"
JOE: "You are so fu*kin dead!"
ME: "Bring it on, biotch! After Super Mario, we'll take this outside and I'm gonna wrap you!"

Well...I'll stop there...but you get the picture :)
by ME - as in "not you" February 23, 2010
To cover something with something else. Used in the sense of toilet-papering a house.
Someone wrapped my house last night. I'll kill those teenage bastards.
by Monte-Cor November 03, 2003

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