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To become worried/anxious in an overly dramatic manner. To "freak out". Usually used in the phrase "flip your/his/hers shit".
Don't flip your shit, Anya. You will be able turn in your paper tomorrow.
by Monte-Cor November 03, 2003
n. An insult, someone who tries to inflict their ignorant and often oppressive views on others
Jeez, John. Don't be such a fundamentalist.
by Monte-Cor November 03, 2003
To cover something with something else. Used in the sense of toilet-papering a house.
Someone wrapped my house last night. I'll kill those teenage bastards.
by Monte-Cor November 03, 2003
N. Poo Panic Mode. A polite way to say that you must find a bathroom immediately.
Umm... I'll catch up with you guys later. Right now I'm in ppm.
by Monte-Cor November 03, 2003
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