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This is when a guy is having sex with a broad from the back, and then he wraps his arm around to the front, and starts fingering her, if hes doing her in the butt, or working the clit, if hes in the vagina. This should increase the pleaser the female feels during the intercourse.
Female: oh, what are you doing? It is making the sex more pleasurable.
Male: Yea, im just doin a little wrap around.
by Barbarino March 05, 2006
29 19
An extremely long turd that completly wraps around the toilet bowl; often a source of great pride for the producer. Usually left in a public toilet for others to admire.
Pat snapped a picture of his wraparound with his cellphone camera so he could show it off at work.
by pico February 15, 2005
55 26
When a guy is doing a girl/guy in the ass, He reaches around and fingers/ gives a hand job at that same time
Damn she liked it when i plugged her in the ass but she went crazy when i did the wrap around
by J-carts November 16, 2005
56 28
When a homosexual male is doing another male in the ass and reaches around to give him a hand job.
It felt good when Tom did me from behind, although I went wild when he gave me a wrap around!
by Diesal June 02, 2005
61 45
During homosexual anal intercourse, the stimulation or manipulation of the catcher's penis by the pitcher hand or hands.
He was such an ass; he wouldn't even provide the benefits of wraparound.
by Big Steve September 03, 2003
24 12
The act of fingering your girl from around her waist while sitting next to her in a movie theater with her little brother sitting next to you
How-D-are you scar that little kid by doing the wraparound during Starsky and Hutch.
by Biotch October 20, 2004
18 20
Definition of a vagina that "wraps around" from underneath to become more visible on the vulva, especially noticeable when one has her legs together. Opposite of a hide away vagina.
She had such a wrap around, I thought my dick was gonna poke through her ass.
by Justin Roth December 09, 2007
9 28