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Basically this move is done when the person you want to kiss is infront of you and the back of there head is facing you. You then Move in for a vicious kiss and you wrap your whole body around around them and basically your neck becomes Jerraff like.
omg what the hell was that he kissed me like he was a snake.

oh no that was a Yodie wrap around

by BigRizzle January 09, 2005
A person who just can't get with the flow. Hence he can't Hang with it.
Hey I feel alittle drunk off this beer, WOW are you yodie No Hangs?
by BigRizzle January 09, 2005
This move is done usually at the end of a night.

You drop off a girl and when you move in for the kiss they do a 180 degree turn in the passenger seat and turn there face completely to there window and give you a face full of hair to kiss
ok hey goodnight babes... ? immediately gets outta the car.. Basically you just recieved a Jenny Head Turn

by BigRizzle January 09, 2005
Performing an Unsee and unbelieveable attempt to kiss a girl and missing her mouth and hitting there chin.

this Move can also be combined with the WRAP AROUND.
hey how was his kiss? omg he went to kiss me and licked my chin what the hell was he doing.. oh he just pulled a yodie da Chin
by BigRizzle January 09, 2005

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