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reppin tha west side of chi-town is straight up hood
im reppin it for tha west side
by barbarino April 04, 2005
when ur pretty dumb. my mom says this to me all the time.
Ur dumber than a box of rocks
shut up dumbass
by barbarino April 18, 2005
This is when a guy is having sex with a broad from the back, and then he wraps his arm around to the front, and starts fingering her, if hes doing her in the butt, or working the clit, if hes in the vagina. This should increase the pleaser the female feels during the intercourse.
Female: oh, what are you doing? It is making the sex more pleasurable.
Male: Yea, im just doin a little wrap around.
by Barbarino March 05, 2006
An insult you can give to one who has a face on their head. This insult works for pretty much everyone, seeing as a face is standard equipment on a head. It isnt meant to hurt anyones feelings, just something you use when you cant think of a real insult. Usually end up with follow-up insults such as noseface, or shoefoot.
1: Man you suck. You cant play madden for anything you cock jockey.
2: O yea, well... your a...uh...FACEHEAD! yeah, there.
1: Um,, what?
2: Yea thats right, you stupid facehead.
1: OK
by Barbarino March 05, 2006
a big roll of bills. hustlers and dealers carry knots of money. can be held with a rubberband. its a whole lot of bills folded in half, then in half again, and rubberbands hold them together good. small time hustlers and dice players usually have a lot of ones, thats how u can tell.
damn, ol boy got a fat knot of ones.
yea he been playin dice.
by barbarino May 18, 2005
A fake rolex. if someone tried to sell you a watch spelled like rollex with two L's, then its a fake.
New rollex 20 dollars....or whatever
by barbarino April 16, 2005
Different from an american shower. When you get up in the morning, you just wash your face and run some cologne in your hair. The europeans are known for having lower standards or cleanliness.
Lady: Hey co-worker, your hair looks all greasy and you smell funny, did you even take a shower this morning?
Guy: Yea, i took a european shower.
by barbarino September 23, 2005

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