Its short for World of Warcraft.

Kiddies from all over the world play to flame up those who just want to have some fun. Play Everquest 2 instead, trust me.
FLaMinGHAWTPAWNZ3R: StUp1d UnDEAd! YOuR3 chaR WOuld G3t PWNED BY ME!!1!1

Keranith: I would report you....but than youd probably tell youre too-rich-to-care parents about it. Meaning I'd get sued. How I love WOW.
by Vaguely Addicting December 01, 2006
WoW could be known as World of Warcraft, the horrible MMORPG made by Blizzard. Could very well go along with LAG
Oh my god, I can not loot this phat loot because these god damn WoW servers lag all day.
by Zaku March 29, 2005
Wild Older Woman - used on-line dating to describe a older female that still remembers how.
Hey I hear Betty is a WOW!
by Cunning Linguist April 03, 2005
Silly MMORPG played by goons all over the world.
by AZN-iNVaSioN November 12, 2004
Abbr meaning "servers are down".

AKA "Emergency server mantainance"
I wanted to play but the WoW was down as usual.
by never March 10, 2005
A game that sucks ass and is not fun. Only fun to people with nothing to do and no life.
Are you done playing WOW yet.....(32 hours later) you still playing? For the love of God....
by I care March 30, 2005
"Woman of the Women"
"Yea, She's a Wow!"

( when you see a woman , then shout 'Wow~' behind her. She'll like ya)
by Wow girl September 21, 2003

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