World of WarCraft. A subscription based massive multiplayer online role playing game released by Blizzard in November 2004. It is currently the largest of its kind in the world with over five million subscribers world wide (over one million in the United States). After level 60, there is very little you can accomplish unless you schedule time to play daily. Many have fallen into the trap of playing this game, and needing to get that next piece of “1337” gear to impress “n00bs” in Ironforge.

In order to become powerful enough to dominate everyone in PvP combat without trying, you need to collect the most powerful raiding armor sets. This usually requires large guilds composed of mostly high school and college students/dropouts or fat unemployed people in their 40’s cursing and complaining and making gay references over Ventrilo or Teamspeak. There is often a point system, and a lot of drama involved in gaining gear. These guilds are rarely managed by anyone with any real marketable management skill.

Long term exposure to this game has hazardous side effects to ones life. Before you know it, your friend base starts shrinking. Your wife/girlfriend leaves. You become bitter, and play the game even more to escape while popping down your Prozac with lukewarm Mountain Dew. You had four jobs with periods of unemployment in the past year, and you live in your parents basement while posting up generalized, uncited, bias, unproven generalized and opinionated rants on some message board bitching about how something is out of balance. The few friends you have left (who all also play WoW) at your community college (which you have been in for 6 years only to stay on your parents insurance plan) use terms like DPS in real life conversations.

Most can greatly improve their life situation by quitting the game. It’s not so much of what the game does, but rather what it prevents you from doing while playing. Once liberated from WoW, those extra 30-120 hours a week can be put to productive use.
Yeah, Joe used to be the star quarterback. He also had a hot girlfriend, and a academic scholarship to Harvard. Now, he is in his mid 20’s still living at home always playing WoW. Almost never hear from him anymore.
by Xeal June 22, 2006
An expression of absolute amazement. Often used to verbalize an overwhelming pleasant feeling or realization. Also used to express shock of a seemingly unbelievable fact.

wow acronym for Way Outtathis World
wow did you see that car flip over 3 times
by nbnk January 23, 2011
An alternative to the word Cool, Kewl, Kool .... or anything along those lines

Saying Cool instead of Wow has been know to end you up stabbed by a person called Batman (No not the comic book star ... )But a similar real life super hero who has magical stab powers ...
That movie was so WOW....

What was that ? ... Eye Dee Kaaaaay, but it was Wow...
by Spiffa August 21, 2008
When a person is consumed so much into the world of warcraft, they have the inability to form the word 'wow' properly. Instead, they instantly use 'WoW' as the new way of writing 'wow', without even realising it!
Bob watches a youtube video and writes a lovely comment on a halo 3 video.

The comment

WoW you guys have no life.

tut tut tut
by captainbumsurgeon January 13, 2010
The acronym for World of Worldcraft, a MMORPG created by Blizzard
More like, W.O.W I paid for this crap?..
by masterp2d August 18, 2006
World of Whorecraft
what happens in WoW, stays in WoW
by Xtreme2252 March 08, 2009
World of Warcraft. An online game played by far too many people. Not only does it engulf the player, and become their life, but it takes over the lives of those around them. The player will often forget to eat and drink and will rarely leave the house. They will feature less and less in their friends' lives as all they can do is talk about the game. Their life revolves around it and it soon becomes all they have as friends don't want to be around them anymore.
Friend: hey dude, haven't seen you in ages, wanna hang out on Monday?
Player: yeah sure, can I bring my laptop?
Friend: why?!
Player: got to be in wow for the raid, there's a chance of epix and i can't miss it.
Friend: right, no thanks. maybe i can see you another day.
by wow victim by default September 06, 2006
a term used for sarcasm or if you don't like someone or something that someone says. or an expression of happiness.
"I hope I never lie to him"
"Wow, really?"

"Oh yea i'm going out with your boyfriend"

by TiffanyLeigh October 28, 2009

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