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Opposite of besties. Worst enemies; nemesis's. Most often are in competitive roles, differ radically in ideologies, or simply do not like each other.
Jenn and Jane were besties, until Jim came along and pitted them against each other. Now they are worsties.
by hitsack rabalastre December 16, 2011
A combination of the words "worthy" and "thirsty".

Commonly sung by song leaders unsure of what word is next in the song "All Who Are Thirsty".

Not to be confused with the word "thorst", a combination of the words "worst" and "thirsty".
Andy: I'm pretty worsty right now.

Smitty: Wait, did you mean you are worthy or thirsty?

Andy: Yes.
by EthosLove February 02, 2011
To be the the total god that you are. Nothing is beyond your reach. You are master of all that you survey.
Worsty is so fucking worsty today!
by WoRsTy April 08, 2005

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