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When you are fucking a girl in the ass so hard that you pop a hole in her back and you cum out of the hole.
It was my first day of school and my teacher wanted an apple but i gave her the worm hole instead!
by PissInTheAss99 January 07, 2009
19 25
Gate travel via wormhole is one way. A person cannot go through the gate, leave it open, and then step back through it. The gate has to be stopped and then restarted from the opposite planet in order to travel back to the other end. The only thing thing that can travel two ways through the gate are radio waves (which the MALP transmits back to Earth).
The wormhole automatically shuts down after 38 minutes
by Apophis November 28, 2004
18 28
A theoretical sexual maneuver based on the scientific application of the wormhole. One’s fist is inserted into either the anus or vagina of another and is pushed deeper and deeper until the hand comes out of the mouth. The fisting of the urethra is also acceptable. A lot easier on dead people.
John wormholed Sally.
by Chris Jones February 01, 2005
25 49