An insanely popular Massive-Multiplayer Online RPG. Populated by over 7 million people, it has been dubbed a game that sucks away your soul because out of those 7 million, about 1000 of them are trolls on all freaking day without sleep or sustinence of any kind. While most complete idiots claim it causes weight gain, acne, and no social life, this isn't nessecarily true because

1. Many people are fat, and it's not because they play WoW. It's because they eat alot. Only complete renobs claim that WoW all day causes severe weight gain, because even when you do absolutely nothing, you burn calories by living and breathing. WoW only makes you fat if you constantly keep a bag of doritos by your desk and stuff your craw. Like a retard.

2.Acne is caused by adolescence and bad cleanliness. WoW has nothing to do with hormonal imbalances and not taking a shower.

3. WoW only takes away your social skills if you have the willpower of a particularly stupid puppy. If you play WoW and have no social skills, it's not because Warcraft is at fault. You might simply be a nerd, you might be shy, you might prefer to think before you speak unlike the rest of the earths population, or you might be an arse.
averageposteronthissite: omg!!!111! world of warcraft destroyed my life! i lost my girlfriend all my friends and my family thinks im a loser all cuz of wow!

me: No, you lost everything because you're a freaking loser. Blaming everything on a computer game is just a stupid excuse.
by Chris Kaniel January 22, 2007
That which will prevent you from ever having to bother having sex with a fellow human being ever again.
"Honey? When are you going to be done playing World of Warcraft?"

"I'll be off in a second, babe."

*Several hours pass*


"I'll just play for another hour, sweetie."

*Several days pass*

"Um, Alex?"

"I'm getting right off, I swear."

*Several months pass. Guy finally gets off computer.*

"Okay, baby, what was it?"

*Girl's stuff is all gone. Crickets chirp in the distance.*
by Arcane Rose January 23, 2008
An MMORPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The video game equivalent to heroine. Commonly abbrieviated WoW.
If I had wireless internet and a laptop, I'd pay World of Warcraft even while taking a dump.
by Napoleon the Clown July 05, 2006
1. A modern day rite of passage where boys become men. World of Warcraft is a game for over-achievers who find life too easy and need more of challenge than what their daily routine provides. 2. A dosage of reality for certain relationships. A way for girlfriends to discover their true worth. These unfortunate ones must remember that anger and lashing out is the first step to recovery.
Learn to dance like a female Nightelf from World of Warcraft, THEN we'll talk. Till then don't come out of the kitchen.
by Joe February 10, 2005
A ridiculous place where nerds of all shapes and sizes come together and drain their lives about 8 hours a day. And about $16.15 a month. It kicks ass.
A_Girl_That_Plays_WoW: My lvl 60 Hunter, Onyxia keyed, MC equipped troll kicks your pussy Alliance ass.

I_Swing_the_Sword_to_See_If_its_magical: Holy fuck a girl!?!?!?!?1#24!$@$^!? OMG let's cyb0r!

A_Girl_That_Plays_WoW: ...Goddammit.
by A Girl That Plays WoW July 05, 2005
A mmorpg that seems to be attracting alot of controversy these days. Apparently addictive, but only if you have the will-power of a pet rock. Has a 15 dollar monthly fee, which is chump change if you're actually out of grade school and have a job. Even a minimum wage one will do. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is possible to carry on a normal life while actively playing this game. You can even reach the maximum level, because the game is so fast paced. Truly one of the best games ever if you are into online gaming and role playing strategy games.
"Hey man, you wanna play WoW for a while? I got some time to kill."

"Nah, I can't right now, I'm going to the gym with Jen in a few minutes. Have fun though"
by David March 26, 2005
world of warcraft...keeping virgins virgins for some time now...
world of warcraft...look at the people...look at them...
by theoneandonlytbuck October 18, 2006
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