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The most addictive thing you will ever encounter. The definitions you read on here are NOT bullshit, within 6 hours of playing you will be addicted. I started playing 3 months ago, forunatly about a month ago i noticed what was happening and now i only play casually (casually is still a lot, 1.5-3 hours a day). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU HAVE TREMENDOUS SELF CONTROL! I am not joking, this is the truth, please take on my advice, dont let it suck you in! Common symptoms for players:

You will lose your girlfriend, You will lose your friends, You will get constant headaches for staring at a PC screen for 18 hours a day, you will get back pain due to that posture how you sit down while playing. You will start failing your exams, you will gain weight, you will have a face full of acne, you will never have sex, you wont be able to concentrate, you will be willing to pay upwards of $3000 for a 9/9 tier 3 armour set, you will make it your lifes ambition to get full tier 3 and rank 14, basically... you have just wasted your life....

Remeber, if you are to start playing, make sure, that under no circumstance, you play more than 3 hours a day!
<WoW player>: ZOMG, i have just got level 70 on my human warrior and a flying netherdrake mount, including highest PvP rank and full teir 4 armour, i am the best player on world of warcraft realms

<normal guy>: Do you even relise that it is all just code and none of it exists in real life? 7 million losers might play WoW, but 7 BILLION people play REAL LIFE!!!
by nobullshit November 16, 2006
where lonely people find a unique group and cling on to it for dear life, & argue with anyone who outsmarts them using a sentence composed of tumblr slang, random swearing, and capital letters. A place of extreme word abuse, such as "tbh" used as a full stop and sentence starter invariably, where "problematic"'s meaning has been changed from the original, vaguer meaning, to "discriminative/offensive", and where people have a vocab that could fit on a post-it note. They are apparently superior, immortal beings, who started on tumblr as innocent,nice, equality supporting free spirits, to special snowflake non-sensical creatures, who apparently have the power to self-diagnose even the most serious of mental/physical disorders by asking people on yahoo answers & taking the 100% accurate test at allthetests.com.They expect people to believe them when they claim to be a fairy, elf or fictional character in spirit, whilst at the same time wanting to be able to have a formal job, respect, and friends. Angry vegans are currently using scare tactics to make the kiddies sucked into tumblr cause their parents stress & people are using the most annoying group of three letters in the universe: uwu.These people say they care about humans but then say they love communism and makes jokes about how much they love it, whilst not condoning nazi jokes.hmm.They may have the occasional "head mate", because...its edgy? No one outside the tumblr really knows, and I, for one, am not sure if I want to
tbh I loooove tumblr idk it's just such a cool place I love my online friends tbh fuck my irl friends who I actually have made human bonds with, met, and shared experiences with...internet friends GET me. Because I KNOW they're exactly the same irl!!
by NoBullshit June 11, 2015

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