An electronic castrater; if played beyond the 9th grade testicles fall off and implode; warlocks and rogues run the world not only online but the host player; very much like a cancer of the testicles
World of Warcraft is an eater of souls...Dude why do you have a vagina, oh you play WOW. Why doesnt he get laid, oh he does but in iron forge.
by Nas Kas August 23, 2006
A waste of time, money, and soul. You will never succeed in life playing such filth.
I could have become a doctor, instead I played World of Warcraft
by PookieMan March 24, 2006
a fucking game that will empty out ur bank account dry to the bone and will make lose all ur friend and ur girlfriend
if u ever had one(probably not if u were playing it)

effects:will make u broke, friendless,luminous intolerencious("latin" for intolerance to light because u were too long in the dark),hungry-ness(because u dont have enought cash to buy food cause WoW took it all!!1), addiction to WoW, fagness and blindness
Dudes 1:Dood, look, theres that World of warcraft geek who is broke n hungry.

Dudes 2:ya i know, he tried to mug me for money to pay for his lvl 85 ork or whatever he was talkin' about.

Dudes 3: ya he's just a f-ing ├╝bernoob

Dude 1: I second
by Frederic M.Bourdages May 31, 2007
A very crappy game that i would probably get shot for playing.
Me: Dude i just started playing world of warcraft! ITS AWESOME!!!!!
Good Friend: *Cocks Gun*
by Joe Pugliese November 27, 2006
Probably one of the greatest games ever created. Beats the crap out of ANY FLIGHT SIMULATOR GAME EVER!!!
Blanding is an idiot.
by the REAL Mr. Covasi October 25, 2004
I'd like to clarify the whole all girls who play WoW are fat and ugly and easy. I'm a girl that plays WoW I'm NOT fat nor am I ugly. WoW is one of the most addictive games online, taking up a lot of your time and money.. and friends. It is also one of the most wicked awesome games ever invented. With the exception of soulbound items and such it is definetly better than, dare I say, Halo.
Most of the girl characters on WoW are actually guys that are complete pervs with nothing better to do in life but watch an animated girl run around and hack at things with her sword while dancing like a complete whore. But the rest of the girl characters are actually girls playing WoW, most are fat and ugly but you will find the rare awesome looking one that looks just as hot as their computer animated character.
by Amer March 13, 2005
The best MMORPG ever besides asheron's call it consumes your sould until you hit lv 60 and have done all the quests... you can never beat it only temporarily so..
Me: i played wow for 5 days straight
You: fricking loser
by tehpunkgeek July 08, 2005

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