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A game that shitloads of people play, occasionally normal people play this game, you wouldnt notice. But there is an enormous amount of players who troll and express themselves as superior to others, they spend their whole life playing the game trying to complete every quest and beat every other player. These people have social problems so they retreat to an alternative world where they can try to be better. There are also hypocrites who say world of warcraft is gay and lame but then they decide to play the game---> Fucken Ironic cunts. Majority of WoW players, you couldnt care less about what they do, its the faggot hardcore ones who think they are cool that pisses me off
WoW Player: Oh my gosh like you are the biggest noob Rogue ever, level 5 dagger of Udrun, thats a shit artifact you noob, and you have the worst mount that cant even fly hahaha, please you are below me, im am too pro.

Guy getting bullied goes home and logs onto WoW and starts trolling people releasing his anger

WoW player 1: I play World of Warcraft
Friend: ok, cool
WoW player 2: please, i bet you are noob
WoW player 1: shut the fuck up you faggot
by TEhTreatzu January 05, 2011

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