Possibly one of the greatest MMORPG's to be released. Very casual-gamer friendly, and a great community. Each class has different attirbutes:

-Rogues may stealth and deal massive damage from close range. Cloth/Leather-wearer

-Mages are a high burst-damage dealer from far away with good crowd control abilities. Cloth wearer

-Warriors are a staple class available to any and all races. Able to take massive damage and draw enemy aggro to them. All types of armour and all weapons can be used by the Warrior.

-Priests are primary healers and can ALWAYS get a group. By specing in the Shadow talent tree they become excellent damage dealers but are very fragile. Cloth-wearer

-Paladins area hybrid Alliance-only class combining elements of the Warrior and a weak Priest. They are popularly supposed to have 3 lives due to their many Shield spells. They get a free mount but have higher training costs than other classes. Can wear all types of armour.

-Shamen are the Horde's hybrid class with more of a focus on spell-casting than melee damage. Many see them as overpowered, as they can melee and cast well, as well as heal. Uses totems to boost their power and support groups. Cloth/Leather/Mail-wearer.

-Hunters are the only class with an auto-shoot feature, relying on their special abilities, utilised through their ranged weapons, to win the fight. They also get pets (a tamed Beast-class mob) and traps (Freezing, Immolation and Explosion). They are able to kite the enemy very effectively. Cloth/Leather/Mail wearers.

-Warlocks are the 'evil' spell-casters of the Warcraft world, able to summon demons to help them in combat - a good thing as they are very fragile. Unlike the Mage, 'Locks rely on damage over time spells (DoTs) to help them win fights, and thanks to talents very rarely run out of mana. Their pets range from the Imp (a glass cannon), to the Voidwalker (able to take and maintain aggro) to the Infernal (of WCIII fame). They get a free mount but training costs are higher. Cloth wearers.

-Druids are only available to 2 races; Tauren and Night Elves. Communing with nature, the Druids are able to change their shape to suit their situation. They gain a Bear form (later Dire Bear) to tank in, a Cat form to deal damage and stealth, an Aquatic form to breathe underwater and move faster, and a Travel Form allowing a 40% speed increase. Cloth/Leather wearers.
Rogues are master gankers! Half the player base has at least 1 Rogue character!
by Scorch May 11, 2005
An awesome game that is fun to play and easy to learn.
Also the one game you won't pwn your girlfriend at.
No matter how much you want your girlfriend to share your interests, don't show her world of warcraft. In a week she'll be lvl 70 and you'll be the one telling her to get off!
by Gizwidget March 26, 2007
its an abstinence program
people that play world of warcraft have subscribed to the abstinence program
by sum121612 March 01, 2009
Jesus Christ, honestly, this game is perhaps the worst incarnation of addiction ever invented - unlike drugs, which affect you physically, you get high, this affects you mentally. You get hooked by getting a free demo, what the hell eh? it's only $2.00... Then you play... and you don't stop.

It essentially awards you for running around in an imaginary world, whilst your addiction grows IRL <- Wowspeak. You are engrossed with beating this thing. You are rewarded a piece code, are accepted by new friends (all addicts by the way) Oh and did I mention these rare items are rare - As in it's like gambling like a slot machine, you're playing for a chance to acquire a rare item in the game - which may or may not drop in a certain location. So essentially, every minute you waste is a a few cents given to Blizzard the Company.

The addiction is hard to beat, because you become engrossed with trying to hit the level cap. It honestly takes 48 hours - 2 weeks of not playing to jump start you back into real life... You'll come to realize that in WOW you were essentially doing four things over and over, without ever really advancing. Buyer be ware, you will become addicted.

Methods for escaping addiction (A Guide from personal experience):
1. Run out of Money - but still can't get fix, you either do something desperate or illegal. If you still need fix go to private server.
2. Play until something breaks and stop.
3. Stop playing.

Literally, you need 48 hours for the withdrawl to settle.

Most WoW gamers lose touch base with their real life. And need to find it. Playing on a Private server will speed up the addiction process resulting in:

- Finding out how quick the game can be
- How useless it is/Monotonous.
- Ultimately Saved Time (you level faster so instead of wasting a year to hit 60 you do it in a week.)

Also I should mention, that the only people who don't bash WoW, you lay anti claims to those who are against WoW, are World of Warcraft Players themselves, and thus addicted. They cannot see what they are becoming, ignorant to everyone's help and what really is going on.
My friend had an 89 Average and was a shoe-in for an Ivy League University... He got World of Warcraft... He dropped out of applying, and lives at home with his parents. He has 5 Level 70's...

HM: "What the hell do you guys do?"
MW: "We play World of Warcraft, why what do you play?"
HM: "I play a little thing called real life..."
*MW and the WOW nerds watch, angered*
by Jimblorath August 15, 2007
A mmorpg that weak minded people get addicted to and once addicted they will become a fat sociopath living in their mom's basement who piss in a cup and shit in a bucket, this is because they are unable to move due to them been consumed by the huge mass of body fat.
Addicted and Fat Wow Player: "Mom can you empty my cup and bucket for me?"

Disappointed Mum: "You really should stop playing that game and get a life"

Addicted and Fat Wow Player: "But World of Warcraft is my life"

Disappointed Mum: (Sound of the house door slamming)
by Ixon December 17, 2009
World of Warcraft is THE most addicting game EVER, but doesn't completely take away your life until you start playing 5h+ a day. I personally have played it for over a year. When you first get WoW it seems really exciting, but as you continue pllaying I found it became quite tedious.

I recently stopped playing. Last year I was a complete nerd, had no friends, yet managed acheiving high A's in all my subjects. I noticed when I stopped playing as much my social skills improved and I even got a bf, but i'm now failing 2 subjects(0.o)

That said wow effects diff ppl in diff ways and you shouldn't go just on one person's expirience to decide if you want to play or not
Around the time I started playing, a man died for playing World of Warcraft for 72 hours strait without sleep, hydration, or nuetrition
by lil' lizabeth January 04, 2009
the most diabolically addictive game ever conceived
crack in the form of a CD disc
world of warcraft requires a 5-year rehabilitation program to get rid of your addiction

much different to runescape, wold of warcraft is actually good
by uzo9 May 12, 2008
Communism the MMORPG
Steve: Hey, Why is your loot better than mine when I play 8 hours a day, and you play only an hour a week?
Bob: Because World of Warcraft rewards everyone!
by Marc~~ March 25, 2008

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