3 definitions by tehpunkgeek

A nintendo Zapper or sega light phaser both of witch i own.. Used for playing
NES: Duck hunt and wild gun man
Master System: Safari Hunt
Both guns provded lots of fun for the 8 bit generation.
Why can't i shoot that stupid dog with this light gun?!
by tehpunkgeek July 04, 2005
the best game ever made by hasbro i used to play that game for hours.
me at 6: tonka construction is teh shit
my brother at 12: shut up idiot
by tehpunkgeek July 04, 2005
The best MMORPG ever besides asheron's call it consumes your sould until you hit lv 60 and have done all the quests... you can never beat it only temporarily so..
Me: i played wow for 5 days straight
You: fricking loser
by tehpunkgeek July 08, 2005

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