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the equipment needed to inject a drug (syringes, needles, swabs etc.)
"Go up the chemist and get the works for me please"
by clarky October 09, 2003
A screwboy is a prison inmate who tends to take the side of the "screws" (i.e. prison officers). A screwboy is a prisoner who has been known to:

a) "grass up" another inmate;
b) "suck up" to the prison officers;
c) spend a disproportionate amount of time talking to, socialising with, and generally being in the company of prison officers.
Prisoner #1: "I'm gonna tell the screws about {blah blah blah}..."
Prisoner #2: "Don't be a screwboy."

Prisoner #1: "Why are you always laughing and joking with the screws?"
Prisoner #2: "What, are you accusing me of being some kind of screwboy?"
by clarky November 03, 2010
Invented by clarkson who wears very nice tight jeans and sings a song whenever someone who is stereotyped as a townie walks past
The song:

"What you gonna do when they come for you? TOWNTOWN"
by Clarky November 01, 2004
using electrical current to create movement/propulsion.

Use of high voltage's in a capacitor create a natural movement in the direction of the positively(+) charged surface.

first discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown in the 1930's. Also known as the 'Bifield Brown Effect'.
The capacitor displayed an electrokinetic effect.
by clarky March 27, 2005
a ten- pound deal of heroin/crack
have you got a tenbag for sale, mate?
by clarky November 05, 2003
one that's always suave
People notice he's always relaxed
by Clarky December 16, 2003

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