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To continue eating in excess until one can't move or feels sick.
Jodrey loved to go to Baja Fresh and pig out until his buddies had to carry him out.
by BP May 20, 2004
an obnoxious person, a jerk
Don't let that fool get to you he's just a snapper head.
by bp January 19, 2004
When a girl says shes going to hook up with you then backs off
Yo Sasha why u frontin on me
by BP February 18, 2005
Mentally Retarded. Used instead of saying "retarded."
That is so MR dude. He's totally MR.
by bp December 16, 2004
is a .45 cal gun. aka a four fifth.
I pull my 4 pound when the beef occur.
by BP January 19, 2005
all condiments available
give me two dogs with the works
by bp January 19, 2004

Acronym for...
Grande or Gorda

Spanish for "fat and ugly."
Used in place of or to describe a woman that is obese and ugly
James Wilson hit that gyfie last night. For real? Damn, she was fat and nasty.
by bp June 24, 2004

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