any amount of drugs a person is selling
I have to go grab the work from my connect tonight.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
Slang term used by younger generations in place of slacking, doing nothing, or anything else but actual work..
Her work isn't exactly cutting it! Work?! What do you mean?? She hasn't done a thing.
by JJberra October 17, 2012
A weapon of mass mental dementia.
"What's up, Ted?"
"I'm not feeling too great, I think I'm losing my mind."
"Really? Must be work. You can't even take it on an airplane anymore."
by The Dude 2 June 11, 2009
A Real-life activity you do to gain money.
My Grandma gave me money for working in the garden.
by Sebastian "Puchi" April 10, 2006
Place you go to surf the internet.
I have been looking at all day at work today.
by David Moore May 22, 2003
pulling out all the stops from ones' (male OR female) bag of tricks in order to get sex.

turning on the charm, hiding all negative and potentially damning behavior, making a fool of oneself purely to 'launch and/or envelop!
look at joe work that babe, he hasn't got a clue shes' gay.
by michael foolsley November 18, 2009
something worse than having your sac ripped open by a pack of starving hyenas
I have to go to work.
by Boss June 04, 2003

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