Something that is meant to get done but doesn't. Also can be faked by type garbage in word and giving it to your boss. Consists of a tie and pen with a dash of fun. Work is the equivilent to naptime to a small child. Work is the reason people sell drugs for a living (they make a profit while being high and doing no work).
I smoked that reefer and skipped work and skipped on the sidewalk. I told president Clinton that I wanted an hjfrom his lesbian wife.
by Charlie March 26, 2005
term used in the gay community equivilent to "thumbs up" believed to be derived from RuPaul's hit song "Supermodel"
Person 1: I just got myself a new car!
Person 2: You betta work!
Person A is dancing very good.
Person B shouts "WORK!"
Jizzle: I'm a swimsuit model
Emma: You betta work!
by LK January 08, 2005

A false statement, an intentionally contrived lie, a hose (opposite of shoot).


To work: The act of making a false statement or representation. Generally, with the intention of misleading the intended audience.
Is that Paris Hilton sex video a work, or a shoot?

"Don't let all the marks work you into a shoot" -Hollywood Hulk Hogan
by Zor Prime November 22, 2003
doing something you hate in a place you hate with people you grow to hate for the majority of your day for the majority of your life.
we're not born to spend our lives at work, fuck this shit
by GreyAndBoring June 08, 2011
1. To use someone to your own advantage, especially by acting or by wrongful means.

2. To make use of someone selfishly and unethically.

3. To take advantage of someone unfairly.
Why does a hoodrat/chickenhead always work a good man/woman?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant August 13, 2006
A Real-life activity you do to gain money.
My Grandma gave me money for working in the garden.
by Sebastian "Puchi" April 27, 2006
What you should be doing right now.
- Hey, Ted's throwing a keg tonight !
- I can't come, I have this shitty homework...
- Whatever.
- Should I bring something ?
by twippi April 26, 2010

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