Refers to a supply of contraband to be sold for profit. Distinguished from "stash" or "personal", in that "work" is usually only sold and often consists of a lower quality product.
"Its rainy days if we don't move all our work"
- Lil' Flip
by DrHavoc May 21, 2004
From the world of pro wrestling, it means to fool someone into thinking that something is real when it's not.
The U.S. landing on the moon was a work means that a person doesn't believe that the U.S. actually landed on the moon.
by BTLS Fan September 21, 2005
Work = Force X Displacement X Cos(theta)

The units to it are kilogram meter per second squared or joules.
Super preppy pushed a 20 Kg Hay bale a distance of 5 M/S^2 at an angle of pi/3. He did 50 Joules of work.
by MadPhysicsMan March 20, 2004
Something that separates you from the norm of lazy assholes. It is a task you must do that supposedly sticks to a fixed schedule when really it doesn't, and keeps you from communicating with any friends for long periods of time.

It also provides a solution to the awkwardness when someone stalking you wishes to call you, because you can't pick up your cell phone.
"Why'd you call me so much? I was at work."

"Well, did you wanna go to dinner tomorrow? We co--"

"I can't. I work. You know, that thing I was doing when you called me repeatedly and I didn't answer?"
by Wok_n_Roller August 27, 2009
Work refers to selling drugs/illegal contraband. It can take on multiple forms:
1.)noun. Work is any large quantity of drugs/product (clothes, shoes, bootleg dvd's/cd's, electronics, etc.) that is purchased with the intent to resale in multiple, smaller amounts, to turn a profit. This is as simple of the concept buyingwholesale: buy bulk and save, sale small and profit.
Specific to drug terminology, work is denoted as a large supply - one that will allow multiple deals (as in to earn a living, work).
2.)verb. "Work" is the act of selling/hustling drugs, pussy, bootleg cd's, or anything else a person can think of.
3.) adjective. Often (especially with cannabis) "work" is used to describe product that is not very high grade or desirable from connoisseurs.
noun - "Yo is anything good around?" "Yeah but i'm down to a quarter oz, no work available right now."

verb - "I got me three ounces so i'm puttin in some work."

adjective - "This buds ok, but it isn't chronic." "Work is work" "yeah i know some kids that will buy it, let me get an ounce"
by big sean ak big sperm April 05, 2007
What you should be getting back to...
I need to get back.
Back where...?
To work.
But your at work!!!
I know...
by Mike Richards November 08, 2005
To perform intercourse with a woman, especially upon one who was previously unkown
Did you see that honey at the bar? I worked her silly last weekend.
by Big Steve September 10, 2003
Cocaine or Crack, Hard work is crack, Soft is Cocaine.
"hey man are you workin?"
"Yea what chu need?"

"Ya got that hard white work for me?"
"Ya got my money bitch?"
by $arah March 06, 2006

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