A thing that is so sucky that it requires paying money for it to be done. If it were easy then someone wouldn't be paying us to do it!
I had to work today. I have to work tommorrow, but alas I am not alone and understand that I'm being paid because my boss is too much of a pussy to do my job for me!
by DrMullet February 17, 2004
A place where a man's (or Woman's) spirit is crushed down to its very core on a daily basis. A place one is forced to go every day, Monday to Friday and sometimes on Saturday to receive massive doses of soul robbing, spirit breaking, mind numbing torture, mostly at the hands of the Gestapo like, dimwitted, mentally handicapped, henchmen who are easily fooled by the Gods of Business and Captains of Industry. Work can also be used as a means of punishment for being a law abiding member of a society who's upper class feel they must look down upon anyone who has to work for a living. If it weren't for the Working man, the upper class would need to wipe their own asses and thats not cool
Ted: Hey Bill, it's been a long time. Man you look aweful whats going on, are you sick?

Bill: No Ted. I just got off work. Please kill me, kill me now!
by CraigtheEgg May 10, 2012
the force you put into a woman and the distance of time of you doing "work" ;)
k1: im about to do work on that girl right there.

k2: really dawg?

K1: yeah overtime!

k2: nice
by majorworkdoer December 10, 2009
to hook up, round the bases, taste the taco, take the meatloaf out of the oven, to be an iron chef of vag, to taste the second w. to get your whistle blown. to go down under. to just do it.
Deast did work.
Will did work on a cougar.
Alex did work very loudly.
I do work.
You do work?
Yes, we do work.
by Deast does Work March 31, 2009
A series of involuntary movements caused by hunger.
Malcolm worked like a dog to get butter on his bread.

Misspelling: Bush Tells Europeans - Iraq Strategy Will Work.
by Gyromitra Esculenta January 05, 2008
Something you say when someone is so beat they are living for the gods.
Watching Naomi Campbell walking down the runway you would yell out "WORK!"
by Dalton Heinrich November 24, 2007
something rather annoying that can interrupt the journey between bed and the pub
Jim winced when he realised that he had walked into the pub where he actually worked instead of the nice one where he only drank and went to the toilet.
by Ted Horsepower December 01, 2006
the needles or droppers the dope fiends use do shot up
The dopefiends works got clogged so he had to clean it out.
by ThA_oNlY_1_nOvA January 12, 2006
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