An extremely stupid word (i.e. Hungs, Masturbathe, Emotionap, etc.), that is almost certainly made up on the spot, that UD randomly puts on the front page and emails to all of its subscribers for no good reason at all. These "definitions" usually tend to be a pun or play on words and really don't make much sense.
Every goddamn Word Of The Day that has ever existed on this site since 2004 has been so mind-numbingly stupid that I feel that I've lost at least 40 IQ points.
by The real troofs, yo! September 08, 2013
A new gay word being submitted to Urban Dictionary, made by gay and chosen by gays
*clicks Urban Dictionary link*
*sees word of the day*

by chrno August 15, 2010
Something that is on the home page of Urban Dictionary and is usually lame slang that no one really uses. The word or phrase always gets more dislikes than likes
Did you see todays word of the day on urban dictionary? What a stupid word no one says that.
by I Chink Im Cool March 04, 2012
vocab words given daily in highschool english classes. sometimes said very monotonously
mr ryder: "ladies and gentlemen the word of the day is posthumous. it is an adjective. it means published or occuring after death. a sentence please?"
by rockkid707 April 28, 2007
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